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My Cuck-Radar has exploded


259 Nazis lol

Looks good. Like a Girl With the Dragon Tatoo-esq feel to it.

Seems like puberty hit the Monster High girls pretty bad

The trailer is horrible, however the series actually is nice. Im pleasently surprised!

I loved the Original Charmed especially with Prue more than Paige. Yet I will take a look to see if it interest me. That's all you can do besides turn it away because you are stuck on the old one. That's why good shows are canceled and good movies are trashed because people are stuck on a certain idea without giving it a fair shot..
I can't stop laughing... AND CRYING ! WTF is this ??!! If you want to make a reboot of one of the most iconic shows, you have to do it RIGHT. And this... Lord have mercy..
Oh this is nothing but SJW Muslim apologist bs. Neo Nazis aren't really a thing except on FAKE NEWS. Stop being so BRAINWASHED by MSM. -Screams the dumbasses who only read and watch very right wing media. And just a handful. Wonder how many end up liking this comment cause they're too dumb to pick up the sarcasm or read this far..
Many neo nazis in germany have no education, are low intelligence, the same like the muslims, no difference between both


Multiculturalism Intensifies

The Foreigner only German version with women as our main character.


This looks like it belongs on Nickelodeon tbh.






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This will be the year guys. My wig already flown to this movie
Pressed like button before watching..awesome trip
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if i don't see zazu being spit by scar, i will have my refund!

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They have disabled dislikes so just LIKE here if you have disliked the song! 👇.


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Stoner life on the way 🚬✌️😂😂


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➙➠ STREAM*WATCH Life-Size 2 ⟵⟵







I’ve completely forgot this movie existed until this video thanks Lucas for digging up memories of my childhood from the depths of hellFat girl dreams!I feel like this should be a series on your channel where you review old Disney movies because this was gold 😂😂😂00:33 is the look, when you've been living in your parent's house for too long.😂😂😂


Lindsay Lohan use to be a great antress and was in so many movies, so sad Hollywood won't cast her anymore 😔🤷🏾‍♀️


Sex robots at Thanksgiving... Well there's a Black Mirror episode in the making.
“Your the weakest link on the team” OH MY GOD AHAHAHA
Be a Star is now officially, as from Feb 26th 2019, on Apple Music! So go buy it and slay like our Queen Tyra Motherf*cking Banks! 💕✨
I love you Tyra!!!!!!!
I am SO ready for Life Size 2. My sister and I were obsessed as kids. Our father even loved watching it with us. 😂💕

omg it's the actress that plays fat Amy in pitch perfect ❤😍😂The modern isekai


😍love it


Tyra Banks looks FIRE.Id like to see thisRebel Wilson 😍😍😍I LOVE LUCASSeeing Tyra in a leopard dress in the thumbnail, is the reason why I clicked on this video. Tyra is still very sexy.


I just feel Zendaya may be too old for the roleMan the gays !!




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➞➝ WATCH STREAM Roll Red Roll ⇦←





+ Kari Standford Ben, a riazione di i prigiuneri ùn hè micca cusì à a vittoria sola, ma u fattu chì hà fattu scundizà u 1 annu. Un pagliaru di pirsuni ùn sanu micca questu, ma in prigiò, a voscuru hè vedutu cum'è a forma più bassa di crimeu per esse accurtu. U più bruttu hè u ravanti di un zitellu. S'ellu si aghjunghjenu ancu un rumore chì avete moloreatu un zitellu, puderete esse u blanc d'una grande ostilità. E questu ùn hè micca veramente aduprà cù a cultura di violazione per esse onesto, cunzidintendu chì u babbu pò esse statu assassinatu è a ghjente ùn avete micca affariatu, u prublema hè u disprezzu uttimu chì, com'è una sucità, anu contr'à i criminali cunnuzati. Hè struitu un zitellu, perchè ellu mereca tuttu ciò chì succideva per ellu perchè hè tuttu un castigo. Ùn veramente ligata à stu casu in Steubenville, era più di un casu di dissonance cugnitivi è favuri.

Oh, perchè s'è avete statu violatu, trattatu comu un sub-umanu, è u disparu, ùn avete micca vulutu chì l'omi ùn cèrcanu o pruvate truvà u vostru assassinu?


Erkin koray - bir eylül akşamı 1966 cosplay :)



A melanzia melodia per sempre a fine a Culata metale!
un latinu: v




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